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Valentini Stores

VALENTINI is the result of a family business that has been active in the field for 7 decades. We started our course in Agrinio in 1950 with founder Stavros Tsilimekis.
Today in the hands of Ioannis Tsilimekis, we are evolving, we are innovating
and we create with inexhaustible inspiration. VALENTINI is still a Greek, family-owned company which since 2012 has expanded to the Balkans based in Albania. Our checkpoints are to maintain and grow on relations, strong teamwork, meaningful relationships with our customers and commitment to the top quality of our products.
These are the values ​​that distinguish us in the field.

Reference points:

We have a modern and complete processing unit
We constantly invest in research and development of products, services and new technologies, respecting our partners, consumers and the environment.
Our company's export orientation is strengthened with the aim of developing a strong network in the European market.
Capable with the ability to manufacture products based on specific specifications of customers, while maintaining the best combination of quality and price.
We prioritize on customer service, human resources and society.
Currently and always growing as one of the most established companies in the field.

With top range quality and respect for our clients, evolving and taking a step to international markets has become inevitable.