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Import & Distribution of linen

Our products are ecological and friendly to people and the environment, free from harmful substances that can adversely affect human health, especially infants and children.

Discover highest quality fabrics for curtains and furniture, shading products and linens from the finest manufactures. The rich collections of our company in fabrics, carpets, and linen, such as sheets, blankets, duvets, towels, bathrobes, etc., aim to decorate every space and item.

Our company has shown capacity and pioneering in the field of professional clothing. As importers and agents we have the ability with the huge range of our professional products to cope and adapt to any financial requirement of our customer always guided by quality.

Most products are immediately available in a wide collection of colors and in any dimensions you desire.

With top range quality and respect for our clients, evolving and taking a step to international markets has become inevitable.